Security Tips for your office from Professional Locksmiths

How often do you see a report about a local intruder or a robbery in the news? You can take extra measures to keep your home safe, but you do need to make sure that your business premises are as secure as possible. As a small business owner in the developed nation of United States, keeping your property safe should be high on your priority list, we have put this security guide together with San Antonio Locksmith, covering the security tips to keep your office security.

Quality Locks

Whether you are running an office or a store, investment in good locks is crucial. A qualified locksmith will be able to provide you with a full security assessment and the correct advice to ensure that any entry point is secure. This may involve fully modifying the locking mechanisms, adding anti-snap locks or deadbolts for exterior doors, so that external access is as safe as possible. Also, you should ensure all windows have proper locks and are locked securely when the building is empty. If there are roller shutter doors, storage units and warehouses may require additional security; for example, locking bollards.

Change locks when needed

If you have recently purchased or rented an office building, you never know who else could possess the keys to your new company. Changing locks is risky and would possibly be an insurance necessity. Building a strong relationship with a local San Antonio Locksmith will help you gain easy access or solve problems should you ever have an emergency.

Invest in smart access

Instead of standard locks include smart locks and automatic door locking systems. While initially more costly, they will give you an additional control factor, which makes it easy to limit or modify access without the need for new locks. Smart keypad and fob entry devices will let you know who has entered a property and when and allow you to easily revoke access if necessary. They allow you to easily keep an accurate record of who else has access to which doors and areas.

Light up the premises

Intruders are intrigued by dark premises that are poorly lit, primarily because it makes them a convenient destination. Ensure that you limit dark areas of your property by installing safety lighting. Lights with passive infrared sensors have a huge deterrent effect, as they activate when they sense some movement, letting a possible attacker know that they have been identified and can be easily seen.

Invest in Alarm Systems

The inclusion of a safety alarm is also a huge deterrent, letting potential offenders know that you are taking protection seriously. If you opt for a device that allows you to track the premises when you’re at home, you’ll know if anyone has invaded your property and you’ll have peace of mind that it’s safe to construct and stay.

Secure your campus This involves installing proper gates and high fencing to prevent and ensure all gates are safely padlocked with high-quality locks. Such permanent steps, from spikes to anti-climb paint, can make it harder for intruders to reach the grounds or the premises. Such passive protection systems are highly recommended by the San Antonio Locksmith as they can always serve to make sure that the opportunistic burglar goes elsewhere.

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